Spécimen n02
123 x 36 cm | Matériaux: Bois d’Érable blanchi et cuir de buffle |

This atypical high pedestal plays with contrasting colors and textures and is inspired by naturalized insects.
We chose vibrant colors, in order to obtain a singular, warm and dynamic piece, as a kind of remedy to melancholy.
Attaching great importance to the composition, this piece was thought as a sculpture. The body is made of a wooden base turned and then covered in leather with the leather marquetry technique. The rounded part underneath has been covered, piece by piece, by hand, in a random way letting the creation happen in real time and the patterns appear as they go along, so that each piece remains absolutely unique. The leg joints are made of cylinders that are deliberately eccentric to accentuate the insect’s fragile, slightly awkward appearance.

Spécimen n02
48 x 14 inches |Materials: bleached maple, buffalo leather |