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Suspended Lampshade

The idea came right away with the paper umbrella. A well-known object since we were child, converted
into a suspended lamp. Without the handle, the structure is also like the architecture of a conical roof or
the iconic Vietnamese hat with a horizontal symmetry.
Then we started to develop the idea of a suspended lamp which should give a very warm ambiance.
The goal was to design a lamp with a very light wood's framework and the different facets in leather to
have the contrast of texture with the structure.
With it's large openness, it bring together spontaneously people to be underneath with it's convivial
When we look closer, we can see that the shape is balanced by the wooden structure below.
This lamp gives up the effect of perfect flotation.

Width=22 inches

Height= 9inches

Solid maple wood and black buffalo leather

Environmentally friendly oil-based varnish

Made to order. Lead time: 8 to 14 weeks

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Largeur=56 cm

Hauteur= 23cm

Érable massif et cuir de buffle noir

Vernis à l'huile

Fabriqué sur commande. Délai de fabrication: 8 à 14 semaines

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