About us
Sophie Gailliot and Richard Pontais are two Montreal artisans designers specializing respectively in leather and woodworking.
With their complementary skills, they express through their creations a common vision, the result of their respective backgrounds, passions and influences since 2017.
Their work circulates freely between art and design highlighting a craft know-how. Their creations tell and are inspired by stories. Stories of travel, dreamlike atmospheres, encounters: The Majorelle gardens in Marrakech, a small boat stranded on a Breton beach, or a panorama in the Cyclades.
Noble materials, clean lines and contrasts give their works a unique, elegant and warm character. They willingly assume the use of vibrant colors that they define as a certain remedy to melancholy and a call to conviviality.
Our work has been presented at several exhibitions and fairs. Find the list of events in which we participated here.


Our Commitment 

We are committed to working in the best possible way with respect for the environment.  This is why our creations are made on orders, in the wake of the slow made movement. We have also chosen to work only with local wood species. We also choose leather that do not come from animals bred for their skins and come from tanneries that meet strict environmental standards.